constructionQueens, New York.  MONIER LAW Personal Injury Trial Attorney, Phil Monier, obtained a $650,000 settlement as compensation for serious injuries suffered by a 32 year-old carpenter involved in an accident at a Manhattan construction site.  The lawsuit was brought against the owner, the commercial tenant, and the property manager of the building, as well as the construction project’s general contractor and the building’s maintenance company, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Queens County.  The lawsuit settled during jury selection.  “The carpenter slipped and fell on a liquid substance believed to have come from nearby garbage bags that were negligently left in an area inside the Manhattan office building through which construction workers had to pass in order to gain access to the area under construction,” explained Phil Monier, “we were prepared to prove that the parties responsible for keeping the construction site safe for workers failed to use reasonable care in inspecting for and remediating hazardous conditions which resulted in the accident’s occurrence.”  Construction sites can become hazardous to workers and non-workers alike, capable of causing catastrophic injuries, because of lack of proper supervision and safety protocols, defective or missing tools or equipment, defective or missing safety equipment, improperly erected scaffolding or sidewalk sheds, improperly braced trenches, crane accidents, and other dangerous conditions.   Our client suffered injuries to his wrist, ankle and knee as a result of this accident.   He had to endure several surgeries and, as a result of those injuries, suffered a reduction in his future work life expectancy.  “We were prepared to have our medical and economic experts testify and to ask the jury to find the building defendants  fully responsible for the existence of the dangerous condition and award a sum that would fairly and justly compensate him for his past and future damages.   The offer was accepted as an amicable resolution of the issues presented in this case and will assist our client with his future needs.”