Slip/Trip and Fall

Owners of municipal, residential and commercial property have a responsibility under the law to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition and to repair and correct hazardous conditions that were created or have existed for a period of time.  These hazardous conditions can become a trap for anyone on the property.  For example, the hazardous condition can be an uneven floor or sidewalk, a dangerous stairway or balcony, a slippery or wet surface, or an area with inadequate lighting or security.

If you are suffering from an injury caused by a fall on someone else’s property as a result of the owner’s failure to correct or warn of a hazardous condition, the Monier Law Firm may be able to help obtain compensation for your substantial pain and suffering and lost earnings.

Obtaining appropriate medical evaluations, testing and treatment is our and your first concern.  As soon as possible following the accident you or someone close to you should:

  • Report the accident as soon as possible
  • Take pictures of the conditions that caused the accident
  • Take pictures of any visible injuries
  • Avoid speaking to any insurance company representative before you consult with your own lawyer

Collecting the facts, preserving evidence, interviewing witnesses, taking photographs and requesting medical records, are all part of our process in building the liability and damages cases against the property owner and the Monier Law Firm has the experience and skill to obtain the best possible result on behalf of those seriously injured in slip/trip and fall accidents.

If you have been, or a member of your family has been, injured as the result of an accident, then you are going through a situation that is difficult, painful and often times uncertain.  More often than not, pain, disability, lost income, and other life altering consequences follow as a result of being seriously injured in an accident.  Experience, dedication and compassion with personalized service are all provided to each person we speak with.

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