Real Estate

The Real Estate Practice at the Monier Law Firm includes representing clients entering into contracts to buy and sell residential and business properties, and those who find themselves involved in a dispute and have to bring a lawsuit to compel the return of their down-payment, or wish to resolve an issue concerning the title to their property.  We also advise clients regarding issues affecting the enjoyment and use of their residential and business real property.

The Monier Law Firm is a litigation firm and everything we approach, including real estate transactions, is done with an eye to protecting the client against future claims and providing exit strategies when appropriate.

The legal services provided in real estate transactions, such as the purchase and sale of homes, condos and commercial buildings, includes negotiating and preparing the contract of sale, riders, deed, ACRIS or County Clerk documents, real estate transfer documents, title company affidavits, escrow agreements, and closing statements.

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