Wills & Trusts

The Monier Law Firm can help you with making sure your loved ones are protected and your wishes are followed upon your death.  Whether your concern is making sure that there is enough income paid to a loved one following your death, or that your property will be transferred to a person upon your death or the death of someone else, or you want to transfer your assets while you are still living into a Trust so that when you pass away the Trustees will continue to manage the property and later distribute that property according to the terms of the trust, we are here to discuss your available options and prepare the necessary legal documents.

Families with disabled members often consider supplemental needs trust to provide for their future care in the event of a caregiver’s death. A special needs trust may allow the payment of money and property to the disabled person without disqualifying them for public programs like Social Security or Medicaid, since the disabled person is not in charge of the Trust, as long as the money or property is used for what are considered non-essential items.  Special Needs Trusts may also be set up at the conclusion of a personal injury lawsuit for the benefit of the person who suffered the disability.

In addition to preparing Wills and Trust documents, the Monier Law Firm also represents clients in disputes among family members or beneficiaries when there is a disagreement over the validity of a will, the right of someone to receive property, or the members want assistance in defending a claim made by someone who did not receive money or property  but believes they were entitled to receive something.

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