stairwayjpg_Page1Brooklyn, New York.  MONIER LAW Personal Injury Trial Attorney, Phil Monier, obtained an $1,000,000 settlement as compensation for serious injuries suffered by a 53 year-old Brooklyn woman who fell down the staircase in the building where she lived.  The lawsuit was brought against the owner and the managing agent of the Bedford-Stuyversant apartment building, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Kings County.   A jury was selected to hear and decide the issues in the lawsuit, prior to the  settlement being reached.    “The interior staircase in the building was dark because broken lights weren’t fixed; in addition the stairs were covered with old, worn-out carpet which was slippery,” explained Phil Monier, “we were prepared to prove that the landlord failed to use reasonable care in the ownership and management of the building, they failed to correct the dangerous condition which resulted in the happening of the accident.”   The injured tenant, a former hairdresser,  suffered injuries to her back as a result of the accident.  Herniated discs occur as the result of a trauma, such as a car accident.  Trauma causes the jell-like interior of the discs located between pairs of vertebrae in the spine to rupture through the hard cartilage exterior and press against the nerves causing pain.  This serious injury to the soft tissue is permanent, unlike a bone fracture which heals usually without surgery.  The lawyers for the building argued that the condition was not dangerous, that they had no prior notice of the dangerous condition and that the injuries were not serious.   “We were prepared to have our medical and economic experts testify and to ask the jury to find the owners and managers of this building fully responsible for the dangerous conditions which they knew about but did not properly correct, and award a sum that would fairly and justly  compensate this victim of their negligence for her past and future damages.  The offer was accepted as an amicable resolution of the issues presented in this case and will assist our client with her future needs.”