MONIER LAW Personal Injury Lawyer, PHIL MONIER, announced that a settlement has been reached in the amount of $1,600,000 for their client who suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of slipping on sawdust-like material sprinkled on the floor of a Manhattan Delicatessen.

The lawsuit was brought to obtain compensation for the 57-year-old Bronx woman who suffered injuries to her neck, lower back and shoulder.  As the result of these traumatic injuries, she was compelled to undergo multiple surgeries, including implantation of material in her spine. 

The accident, which occurred in early 2017, resulted in the client’s inability to return to work as a maintenance custodian, as well as limited her ability to perform certain activities of daily living.

The lawyers for the Delicatessen argued that the material had been sprinkled on the floor to absorb any moisture that might be brought into the Deli because it had been snowing earlier that day.  The lawyers for the Deli also argued that some of the injuries were pre-existing and that she had made a full and complete recovery since the accident. 

MONIER LAW hired experts who were prepared to demonstrate to a jury that the material used was inappropriate under the circumstances and actually reduced the coefficient of friction making the floor surface even more slippery than if the material had not been applied.  Additionally, medical experts were prepared to testify that the accident was a substantial factor in causing this woman’s injuries and that she would continue to require medical care for the rest of her life.  Also, an economist was prepared to testify that the resulting loss of future income was substantial. 

PHIL MONIER said, “we are satisfied with the resolution of this case.  The proceeds from this case will help compensate our client for her diminished quality of life and the resulting substantial reduction in her income.”

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