Brooklyn, New York.  MONIER LAW Personal Injury Lawyer, PHIL MONIER, obtained a $725,000 settlement prior to trial before the Honorable Justice Donald Kurtz, in the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Kings County.  The lawsuit was brought to obtain compensation for a 47 year-old Brooklyn woman who slipped and fell on ice which she claimed was present for an unreasonable amount of time.  She further claimed that the icy condition constituted a hazardous condition which the owners knew, or should have known, about and should have corrected.  The lawsuit was brought against the owners and managers of the property located in Gravesend, Brooklyn.  The fall and resulting trauma caused her to suffer a head injury, as well as injuries to her back and neck.  The Plaintiff’s treating and expert witnesses were prepared to testify that as a result of this accident she was permanently disabled and unable to return to work.  The settlement was obtained prior to jury selection by the woman’s lawyer, halting the trial.  The lawyer for the property owners was prepared to argue that the accident was caused as a result of freshly fallen snow and not as a result of icy remnants from a prior storm, and that the property was in a reasonably safe condition.  The owners’ lawyer also intended to call a hired expert who was expected to testify that this woman was not injured as a result of this accident.  Following this settlement, PHIL MONIER commented that, “We are always prepared to call knowledgeable experts to present their opinions reached after careful consideration of the facts in a particular case in order to assist the jury in understanding complex liability and medical issues.  In this case we were prepared to call a meteorologist, medical doctors, a vocational neuropsychologist and an economist.  The compensation obtained for this victim of negligence will help in her continuing struggle with her very serious injuries.”